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The Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency, FXM, was phased out on 31 December 2015. FXM promoted Swedish defence exports when they were in the interests of Swedish defence and security policy. FXM supported companies’ exports that benefit defence, it represented the Swedish state in defence export deals and managed the sales of the Swedish Armed Forces’ surplus Equipment.

FXM was a central government agency tasked with developing Swedish defence through defence and security exports.

The needs for equipment of the Swedish Armed Forces are not sufficient to maintain a competitive Swedish defence industry. Exports and cooperation are required to create the conditions for defence industrial competence in Sweden. More intensive international exchange helps us to safeguard skills that are adapted to Swedish needs.

FXM’s vision was for exports and international cooperation to strengthen security.

FXM had three main assignments.

To promote Swedish defence exports, but only when these exports contribute to strengthening Swedish defence

If Swedish defence can benefit from such exports, FXM was able to help Swedish defence companies with their exports. In order for it to be able to provide assistance, each export deal was required to have a permit from the Swedish Agency for Non-Proliferation and Export Controls (ISP).

To be responsible for intergovernmental defence export business deals

FXM took part in selected procurement proceedings throughout the world on behalf of Sweden. FXM also administered the Gripen agreements with, for example, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Thailand.

To manage the sales of surplus equipment from the Swedish Armed Forces

When the Swedish Armed Forces needs to sell surplus equipment, which can be anything from socks to helicopters, the Swedish Armed Forces could assign FXM with the task of managing these sales.