Agency phased out 2015

In the Budget Bill for 2015, the Government considered that the necessary export support in the defence sector can be implemented within another agency structure. This means that from 31 December 2015, FXM ceased to exist as an agency.

On 23 April 2015, the Government decided on changes to central government defence export activities. The Swedish Parliament approved the spring amending budget on 16 June. The phase-out of FXM was concluded on 31 December 2015. Parts of FXM’s tasks were transferred to the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), together with a minor portion of FXM’s appropriation.

Formally speaking, FMV took over responsibility for the tasks that were transferred on 1 January 2016 and the transfer process was initiated in the summer of 2015. FXM and FMV worked together to ensure that the process would be as smooth as possible. The focus of the final phase of the Agency was to maintain efficient activities until a new structure was in place.

The staff at FXM, approximately one-quarter of its manpower, who had been working primarily with the tasks that remained relevant, moved over to FMV via the transfer. In this way, skills were retained within the area and Sweden’s intergovernmental partners were affected as little as possible. The remainder of the staff were given notice.

Parts of the operations that were transferred were:

  • the sales of Swedish Armed Forces’ surplus equipment.
  • central government tendering procedures for intergovernmental agreements (i.e., mainly responsible for central government sales of the Gripen system).
  • administration of agreements in intergovernmental defence export business deals.
  • export support tasks for other defence agencies that are undertaken after requests from companies (such as when companies wish to lease Swedish Armed Forces’ firing ranges, test facilities or equipment, or to have representatives of the Swedish Armed Forces as reference customers in exhibitions and similar events).

What were not transferred, but were phased out were:

  • the proactive, export-promoting operations.
  • overall strategy and analysis activities aimed at assessing the benefits to defence of exports and export support, which includes the annual focus and priorities dialogue for export activities that FXM conducts with companies and the agencies concerned.

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