Why was FXM established?

Export is an important part of the Swedish defence policy. The formation of FXM is based on a broad political consensus on a defense which has access to military equipment (technology, weapons and other materiel) at a reasonable cost.

With the formation of FXM, export promotion and support that were previously dispersed among a number of different authorities, is now gathered in one authority. This provides a clear division of roles among defence authorities, increases opportunities for the Government to review export opportunities and provides companies in the defence industry a single representative to turn to for export. The Swedish Agency for Non-Proliferation and Export Controls (ISP) is still responsible for export control.

Why promotion of defence and security export?

Exports are an important part of the Swedish defence policy. Sweden’s defence, like most other countries’ defence, can not alone maintain a defence industry. Trade and exports are prerequisites to preserving the ability of Swedish expertise and jobs. Exports implies that the cost thus shared with other countries.

What does FXM do?

FXM works on behalf of the Government and shall, in accordance with the mandate, promote Swedish defence exports. FXM is also, by order of the Armed Forces, resonsible for carrying out the sale of surplus equipment no longer in use by the Swedish Armed Forces. For more information, see About FXM

Why an agency for the defence and security industry?

The Swedish Parliament and Government have concluded that export support are needed for Sweden to preserve and develop the necessary industry skills and capabilities in the defence sector.

What can FXM do for enterprises?

FXM receives inquiries about export support issues from companies. If there is a benefit to be gained for Swedish defence from the implementation of an export support measure, FXM may implement such a measure or task other agencies with doing so. All inquiries about state support are to pass through FXM in order for the state to be able to prioritise, obtain a holistic view and ensure that there are benefits to defence of the business deal. FXM can contribute by:

  • Bilateral Contacts
  • Creating meeting places
  • Access issues
  • Dissemination of knowledge

Approval from the Swedish Agency for Non-Proliferation and Export Controls (ISP) is always a prerequisite for FXM’s assistance. In order to apply for export promotion, you must fill in and send by mail, or print and send in our Application for Export Promotion (in Swedish).

How is the agency organized?

The Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency (FXM) is a central government agency under the Ministry of Defence, whose task it is to promote Swedish defence exports — when they are in the interests of defence policy. FXM supports companies’ exports that benefit defence and represents the Swedish state in defence export deals and other sales. FXM is led by a Director-General.