The Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency (FXM) is a central government agency under the Ministry of Defence, whose task it is to promote Swedish defence exports — when they are in the interests of defence policy. FXM supports companies’ exports that benefit defence and represents the Swedish state in defence export deals and other sales. FXM is led by a Director-General.

Within the framework of export support, FXM leads the state’s export promotion activities in collaboration with other agencies and the defence and security industry. We promote exports from both major companies and from small- and medium-sized enterprises. Apart from defence equipment, promotion also includes the export of military technology for civilian purposes since military technology must often also be used in civilian contexts in order to be profitable for companies.

The Swedish Agency for Non-Proliferation and Export Controls (ISP) is the agency that scrutinises and controls defence exports. FXM is only able to act when ISP has determined that an export is possible

FXM was established in August 2010. Its operations were previously the responsibility of several agencies. In an evaluation of FXM, the Swedish Agency for Public Management states that the establishment of FXM has led to a clearer division of roles, greater central government insight and more transparent state export support in the field of defence. Read more here.

FXM will cease to exist as an agency on 31 December 2015

FXM has been tasked by the Government to begin the phasing out of its activities and their transfer to other agencies.


Head of the Agency

Ulf Hammarström, Director-General

Management group

Peter Göthe, Deputy Director-General, Head of Strategy Department and Acting Head of Export Promotion

Sofia Karlberg, Director, Head of Communications

Bernt Karman, Director, Head of Legal Department and Acting Head of Finance

Joakim Wallin, Director, Head of Markets Department

FXM is organised into five departments

Strategy is responsible for the Agency’s overall direction and priorities. The Department’s responsibilities include producing the annual document detailing focus and priorities which forms the basis of the state’s priorities within defence exports.

Markets is responsible for export promotion and sales. The Department negotiates and administers the intergovernmental defence export agreements that Sweden has with other countries.

Legal is responsible for legal support within administrative and commercial law.

Communications is responsible for internal and external communications, including press issues.

Finance is responsible for the Agency’s business and financial administration.


Organisations with which FXM cooperates

Export opportunities for international organisations

  • European Defence Agency (EDA) Defence Procurement Gateway
  • NATO negotiations

Industrial associations

  • Swedish Security and Defence Industry Association (SOFF) – an association of defence and security companies
  • SME-D – an interest organisation for SMEs in the defence industry


  • SIPRI’s database on the global arms trade
  • ISP publications with annual statistics of defence equipment exports from Sweden

Government, Ministries and central government agencies in Sweden

  • Government
  • Riksdag (Swedish Parliament)
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Swedish Armed Forces
  • Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV)
  • Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI)
  • National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA)
  • Swedish Agency for Non-Proliferation and Export Controls (ISP)
  • Swedish Security Service (Säpo)
  • Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM)
  • Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)
  • Business Sweden