About Gripen

JAS Gripen is part of the air defence systems of five countries. Having air defence means that a country is able to undertake many types of mission at high speed, over long distances and in large areas. The Swedish Air Force’s tasks include protecting Sweden’s air space, performing rescue services, undertaking air transports and collecting intelligence.

FXM is responsible for the Swedish state’s export contracts with regard to Gripen. Today, FXM is in charge of the Gripen contracts with the Czech Republic, Thailand and Hungary.

From 1 January 2016 the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration is responsible for the Swedish state’s export contracts with regard to Gripen.


Sweden has sold air defence systems to Thailand that include twelve JAS Gripen C/Ds. In 2014, Thailand’s Air Force introduced an air-refuelling capability. The Thai Air Force also took part with Gripen in an international exercise in Australia. In 2014, a support agreement was signed between FXM and Thailand for Gripen, Erieye and Robot 15.


In May 2014, the Czech Republic and Sweden signed a new JAS Gripen contract. This agreement means that the Czech Republic will continue to lease 14 Gripen aircraft, at least until 2027. The first agreement was signed between the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) and the Czech Republic in 2004 and meant that the Czech Republic became the first NATO country to fly Gripen.

The Czech Republic has taken part in NATO missions in the Baltic region twice, once in 2009 and again in 2012. In the autumn of 2014 and the summer of 2015 the Czech Gripen aircraft were stationed on Iceland for air monitoring Icelandic airspace.


At the end of 2014, the Hungarian ministry of defence and FXM signed a supplementary agreement to the ongoing Gripen agreement between the two countries. The value of this supplement was some SEK 10 million and applied to extra equipment to strengthen Hungary’s capability for taking part in international missions.

Hungary will be participating in NATO missions in the Baltic region from September until December 2015. The first JAS Gripen agreement between the two countries was signed in 2001. This agreement applied to 14 Gripen C/Ds. In 2012, FXM signed a new agreement to extend the lease of these 14 Gripen aircraft. This agreement runs until 2026.

Ongoing negotiations

BRAZIL In October 2014, the defence company Saab and Brazil signed a sales agreement applying to 36 of the next generation of Gripen, Gripen NG. FXM is also negotiating with Brazil. These negotiations involve leasing a number of the Swedish Air Force’s Gripen C/D aircraft to the country. The idea is for Brazil to become familiar with flying Gripen C/Ds, pending delivery of the new Gripen NGs.

SLOVAKIA In August 2014, Slovakia, Sweden and the Czech Republic signed a declaration of intent with regard to cooperation on air defence issues and JAS Gripen cooperation. The signing of this declaration laid the foundations for bilateral cooperation on joint air surveillance by Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Talks on Gripen have also been subsequently initiated between FXM and the Slovakian ministry of defence.