Export support

FXM receives inquiries about export support issues from companies. If there is a benefit to be gained for Swedish defence from the implementation of an export support measure, FXM may implement such a measure or task other agencies with doing so. All inquiries about state support are to pass through FXM in order for the state to be able to prioritise, obtain a holistic view and ensure that there are benefits to defence of the business deal.

Approval from the Swedish Agency for Non-Proliferation and Export Controls (ISP) is always a prerequisite for FXM’s assistance. In order to apply for export promotion, you must fill in and send by mail, or print and send in our Application for Export Promotion (in Swedish).

From 1 January 2016 the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration are responsible for export support.

Bilateral contacts

As a central government agency, FXM is in a position to form relationships with other countries’ representatives in order to promote exports.

FXM, as a central government agency, is in a position to form relationships with other countries’ representatives in order to promote exports. We continually visit other countries, meet people from other agencies and try, together with the companies concerned, to facilitate exports through contacts with procuring countries. We also supply background material on marketing issues in preparation for talks with different decision-makers. Our contact-forming efforts can make it easier for companies that do not have their own representatives in the country or region where there is export potential for the company.

FXM supports companies in connection with foreign procurement procedures. This may apply to assistance from, for example, the Swedish Armed Forces or the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, in conducting tests and demonstrations of technical systems. We coordinate the different components, and follow up that cooperation is taking place according to plan.

We also provide support by organising industry days in Sweden or other countries in order to broaden contact networks and help Swedish companies to form contacts, and in the long term, initiate new cooperation. This is also an example of an activity that may be of particular importance for small- and medium-sized Enterprises.

Creating meeting places

FXM has a coordinating function, through, for example, its work with international trade exhibitions. These may act as contact networks between the countries and companies participating.

FXM has a coordinating function and creates forums in which companies gain access to valuable contact networks.

An important platform is our promotion using international trade exhibitions as the point of departure. These exhibitions may serve to promote contacts between the countries and companies taking part. They can also be used to promote the bilateral relationships that we have with various countries. Our participation in the defence exhibition, Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEi) in 2013 is an example of how we work with these issues

Before the DSEi exhibition, we coordinated Sweden’s participation at the exhibition. The Swedish Armed Forces took part with a mine-sweeping vessel and FXM invited companies that manufactured equipment or systems for this vessel to use it to demonstrate their products. Together with the Swedish Security and Defence Industry Association (SOFF) and Swedish companies, we also organised a Swedish stand at the exhibition.

FXM also attended the Maritime Systems and Technology (MAST) exhibition in Gdansk in Poland. We took part with a stand that became a natural place for spontaneous meetings. FXM coordinated the activities of the defence agencies. The Swedish Armed Forces took part, for example, with a Visby class corvette, HMS Nyköping, which was much appreciated by visitors to the exhibition. The industry had the opportunity to demonstrate the systems that were already installed on board, and it was also possible to bring products and systems on board in order to present them.

Access issues

FXM works to promote equal competitive conditions for companies. This is done, inter alia, by trying to influence the international debate on developing market conditions that are as similar as possible.

Export promotion for us is also about creating good, and equal conditions for companies competing in the European and other markets. We do this in different ways. We organise, for example, an annual seminar for the industry on various themes. One year, we focused on the EU and discussed how we can achieve a more competitive and efficient defence and security sector in Europé.

We work in several different ways on strengthening relations with strategically important partners in order to make it easier for companies in various aspects. We are striving to influence the debate that is being conducted in Sweden and at the European and transatlantic levels to develop market conditions that are as similar as possible, which benefits Swedish industry.

We are also working with the markets of other countries. One example of this is our participation in the cooperation existing between the USA and Sweden. This is so as to make access to US licences in connection with exports of systems containing US technology easier. In 2014, we organised a seminar about the USA, where different agencies described for interested companies the bilateral cooperation that we have with the USA.

Companies sometimes turn to us to ask us to throw light on the export-related problems and challenges that exist in a specific market. Provided that FXM can clearly see the benefits to defence of a particular export, it can conduct a dialogue with the agencies concerned on how their activities can be improved to ensure better support.

Dissemination of knowledge

FXM arranges seminars on different issues that are relevant to companies in the defence industry, such as on countries and their defence structures and procurement procedures.

FXM arranges seminars on different issues that are relevant to companies in the defence industry. These may be a matter of seminars on countries and their defence structures and procurement procedures, or of seminars on specific issues with regard to export and international cooperation.

Defence export days are organised annually by FXM. Their purpose is to increase companies’ knowledge of different areas through presentations and panel debates. Participants come from companies in the defence industry, industrial organisations, government agencies and the Government Offices. Each defence company day has had its own theme.

2014: Development of the market and promotion

2013: European competitiveness and the benefits of defence exports

2012: Future needs for capability in the EU and NATO

FXM also takes part in other contexts, as an independent agency or as an invited guest, both in Sweden and internationally. During the Almedalen week in 2014, FXM arranged two seminars. One was a panel discussion entitled “This is why the state is involved in defence export deals”, and the other, together with Saab, entitled ”Gripen in the world – are exports important?” Participants at these seminars included the present Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist (S).

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