SOFF and FXM launch an international anti-corruptio­n course


Today, the Swedish Security and Defence Industry Association (SOFF) and the Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency (FXM) are presenting a joint anti-corruption course for European companies in the defence and security industry. The web-based course is intended to strengthen companies in their anti-corruption efforts and to inspire them to further work in, and knowledge of the area.


Last year, FXM and SOFF launched a joint Swedish training course on combating corruption. The course has been a  success and has been used by some 4000 employees in Swedish defence companies. Wishes have been expressed from these companies for a similar course in English that is adapted to the European market. It is this international training course that is now being launched by FXM and SOFF.

The course combines information on legislation in the field with exercises and tips on how to do further work on these questions.

“It is very important with continual work on these issues. Corruption is unethical and illegal and it distorts competition to the disadvantage of companies that are competitive. With this course, we are taking a broader approach to anti-corruption issues and are helping companies that need to have a course in English for their subsidiaries, sub-contractors and cooperation partners”, says FXM Director-General Ulf Hammarström.

Robert Limmergård, the SOFF Secretary-General, comments:

“Corruption prevents open competition. No market is immune but the risks in the defence market are often greater, since business deals sometimes have to be surrounded by security policy and commercial secrecy. This places great demands on responsible actions on the part of security and defence companies, through further development of their anti-corruption efforts and by refraining from business deals where the risks are too great”.


The training course is available on-line from:



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