Switzerland test flies in Sweden

On 2–4 May, Swiss test pilots and engineers from armasuisse, the Swiss equivalent of the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, were at Saab in Linköping to test fly the JAS Gripen E/F Test aircraft.

The three-day programme included training in a simulator and four test flights. The flights were focused on air defence and surveillance using different weapon configurations. The aircraft started and landed at Linköping Airport and the flights largely took place over the Baltic Sea at altitudes of between sea level up to a height of 12 000 meters.

The flights are part of the procurement process that has been under way since the Swiss government decided last November to choose JAS 39 E/F as its future combat aircraft. The Swiss authorities are negotiating with Saab and the Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency to find the best opportunities for cooperation and coordination.

Read more on the Swiss Ministry of Defence website (in German or French): http://www.vbs.admin.ch/internet/vbs/fr/home/documentation/news/news_detail.44427.nsb.html
Read more on the Saab Group website (in English):

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